Blanco UMC now offers an online service for tithes and offerings. We understand this method of giving may not be for everyone and our regular offering time will continue to be a part of our Sunday morning services.

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Benefits of using this service:

  • One-time donations or scheduling options
  • Online donation confirmations
  • Online history reports for a 13 month period
  • Donation Calculator
  • Safety and convenience through bank credit card or debit card payments

E-giving is designed to enable you to contribute online and transfer funds electronically. This method of giving will provide the same confidentiality that you are accustomed to plus the convenience that online services offer. You can view all donations completed online, print out a statement*, and even use it for tax purposes. No one at the church has access to your personal information.

*Please note that the online statement will not show any offerings you gave at the church (e.g., checks & envelope giving).

Download (PDF, 138KB)

Download (PDF, 138KB)

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